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Land Acknowledgment
The BrAIn lab is situated on the homeland of the Métis and the territory of Treaty 6, an agreement rooted in relationship that we honour and respect. We pay our respects to the many diverse Indigenous Peoples of the area and acknowledge them as the original inhabitants and custodians of this land. We accept our responsibilities to the land and to community. Just as we have benefitted, and have rights and obligations, from the Treaty relationship, we are accountable for the impact of colonialism and embrace action towards reconciliation. We acknowledge the past and present colonial attributes of our profession, and commit to decolonizing those practices. We are thankful for the ability to live, work, and gather on this land and sacred territory.
(BrAIn Lab team, Fall 2020)
Research Mission Statement
Our mission is to understand human action and agency in the social environment. We will do this through responsible research exploration and innovative experimental design, as a collaborative and dynamic research team.
Explore • Innovate • Collaborate
(BrAIn Lab team, Fall 2018)
Code of Conduct
  • Above all, the BrAIn lab values openness, kindness, and respect. All members of the lab deserve equal respect. Everyone, regardless of experience level, has valuable insights to contribute. We do our best work when we work as a team.
  • Collaborative learning is a priority. The BrAIn lab prioritizes collaboration over isolated productivity. Lab members are encouraged to help each other, share experiences, and troubleshoot problems together. All questions are good questions. We share our successes so we can celebrate together and our failures so we can learn from each other’s mistakes.
  • Be professional. Professional conduct during work hours is expected. This includes:
    • Being on time for meetings and being considerate of others’ time.
    • Not gossiping about personal lives of lab members.
    • Being mindful when self-disclosing.
    • Cleaning up your work space and communal space.
    • Following all safety procedures and research ethics requirements.
    • Treating equipment with respect.
    • Accepting responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Ensure every member has the opportunity to participate both within the lab and in social work settings. In group meetings, keep comments succinct to allow engagement by all participants. Do not interrupt others on the basis of disagreement; hold such comments until they have finished speaking. Be considerate of dietary restrictions, familial obligations, religious observances, etc.
  • Respect our shared auditory environment. Speak softly so as to not disturb other people working in the lab. Check in with others before starting noisy tasks or long conversations. Be mindful of whether there are participants completing experiments in the testing booths; their walls are unfortunately no match for loud talking or laughter.
  • Use welcoming and inclusive language. Exclusionary comments or jokes, threats, or violent language are not acceptable. Do not address others in an angry, intimidating, or demeaning manner. When speaking to or about others, make yourself aware of their preferred pronouns and do not deliberately misgender others. Be considerate of the ways the words you choose may impact others. Offensive behaviour or comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, age, race, ethnicity, religion, or a person’s lifestyle choices and practices are not welcome in the BrAIn Lab. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about this, please discuss with Janeen.
  • Harassment is not tolerated. This includes unwanted physical, sexual, or repeated social contact. Consent is not implied, and if you are unsure whether your behaviour towards another person is welcome, ask them. If someone tells you to stop, do so promptly. Respect the privacy and safety of others. Do not take photographs of others without their permission. Posting or threatening to post personally identifying information of others without their consent is a form of harassment.
  • If you see something inappropriate happening, a gentle reminder about the Code of Conduct is a productive response. If you believe a situation requires further intervention please feel welcome to approach Janeen or another person on the Code of Conduct Resolution Information page on the lab wiki.
  • Portions of our Code of Conduct are taken from Lisa Willis’ lab code of conduct, which can be found here: https://willisglycobiologylab.com/lab-code-of-conduct/
(BrAIn Lab team, Spring 2021)